CERTIFY Authenticator™ integrates into your current workflow and eliminates the need for customers to present IDs or other materials for verification. Our platform enables biometric authentication across key business processes and applications throughout your organization. CERTIFY has taken the world’s best algorithms and put them into the Cloud.

By pioneering a revolutionary Fusion Biometric capability, authentication becomes faster and more secure. Today’s industries require ultimate security and accuracy, which can be best achieved by authentication through multiple biometric modalities.


CERTIFY Check-In is a robust software solution that enables you to improve your customers’ experience and increase the efficiency of your workforce. It offers a wide range of features that help you to make smart, real-time business decisions. With a fully integrated authentication platform, CERTIFY lifts the burden of integration maintenance.

CERTIFY Portal™ 
Here, you can view data collected through Check-In. CERTIFY Portal™ includes Dashboard, Reporting, and Analytics for a comprehensive collection of your organization’s performance. 
Dashboard allows you to navigate through various data such as account management, utilization statistics, performance metrics, and much more. Reporting offers a huge range of raw data, and Analytics provides the tools to transform that data into meaningful information for all of your business analysis needs.

CERTIFY Notifier™ 
A front-end desktop application alert system with real-time notifications. It helps you keep track of customers and cater to individual needs.


CERTIFY Script™ is a DEA-compliant electronic prescription (EPCS) platform. CERTIFY Script™ is capable of two-factor biometric authentication, as well as hard or soft token authentication. CERTIFY Script™ is fully capable of being integrated into your current enterprise application.


CERTIFY Score™ is the FICO score of the authentication world – the “nervous system” embedded within our innovative platform, providing real-time data analysis and authentication metrics. 
We use custom algorithms that cross multiple form factors, modalities, geographic locations, and disparate environments to create a unique score for each patient or customer. It gives you the ability to maintain tighter controls on data alignment, discrepancies, and identifiers, as well as determine responses and routing to both critical and non-critical events.


CERTIFY BioSign™ is a verification solution that allows organizations and businesses to authenticate users, as well as protect and secure digital assets like bank accounts, medical records, and other sensitive information. This host-based identity signature allows an individual’s biometric factors to become an irreplicable signature with a corresponding QR code.

BioSign™signature is far more secure than traditional signatures, protecting your customers’ identities and giving them confidence in all kinds of sensitive business, legal, and other transactions. For instance, unaccompanied minor travel is often a source of concern. Parents must trust that the correct adult will pick up their child at the destination airport. Requiring that adult to provide their biometric signature ensures that the child is safe and in the right hands. By having a streamlined and multi-factor biometric authentication process, your organization and its customers are protected.


We developed our own customer-facing hardware for authentication and identification by fusing multiple modalities. The CERTIFY QuickTouch™ can be utilized either in a stand-alone situation or a fully integrated environment to increase security, accuracy, and transparency while saving you time and money. The current QuickTouch model includes the industry’s most cost-effective PKI and AES-encrypted fingerprint reader.