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CERTIFY Products for Finance:


CERTIFY integrates into your current workflow and eliminates the need for customers to present IDs or other materials for verification. Our platform enables biometric authentication across key business processes and applications throughout your organization. CERTIFY has taken the world’s best algorithms and put them into the Cloud.


Check-In™ is a robust software solution that enables you to improve your customers’ experience and increase efficiency of your entire workforce. It offers a wide range of features that help you to make smart, real-time business decisions. With a fully integrated authentication platform, CERTIFY lifts the burden of integration maintenance.


CERTIFY BioSign™ is a verification solution that allows organizations and businesses to authenticate users, as well as protect and secure digital assets like bank accounts, medical records, and other sensitive information. This host-based identity signature allows an individual’s biometric factors to become an irreplicable signature with a corresponding QR code.


CERTIFY Score™ is the FICO score of the authentication world – the “nervous system” embedded within our innovative platform, providing real-time data analysis and authentication metrics.

CERTIFY Solutions:

Electronic Signatures & Consents

Mobile Surveys and  Assesments

Digital Registration &
Real-Time Patient
Complete Enterprise
System Integration